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American Heritage Dictionary
The American Heritage Dictionary version 3.5 and earlier (including version 3.0 and 3.0.1) is not compatible with Aaron. This problem was fixed in version 3.6.1 of the American Heritage Dictionary, and the latest as of this writing is version 4.0 (which also fixes this problem). Contact SoftKey for an upgrade.

Some older versions of FreePPP and Aaron did not work together. As of this writing, the latest versions, FreePPP 2.5rf and Aaron 1.4.1, appear to work together just fine.

Ircle 2.2 ( and some early 2.3 beta version) is not compatible with Aaron. This problem was fixed in Ircle 2.3b48.

HoverBar 1.2.7 or earlier can corrupt folder icons, and the WindowShade widget does not work with Aaron. This incompatibility was fixed in HoverBar 1.2.8

The System 7.5.x WindowShade extension does not work correctly with Aaron. If you double-click the window title bar, the window does not collapse completely; it leaves a few pixels hanging below the title bar. You should get used to using the WindowShade widget to collapse your windows anyway. (This is not a symptom of a more significant problem, so if you don't mind those extra pixels, go ahead and double click the title bar as much as you want.)

Now Contact / Up-to-Date
In older versions of Now Contact and Now Up-to-Date, the windows would jump a few pixels to the left every time they are activated or moved. Now software has fixed this bug in version 3.6.5.

The Grouch
The Grouch does not work when Aaron is running. I am told that it works correctly if you make "The Grouch" load after "Aaron" (by naming it "~The Grouch" for instance).

Greg's Buttons
If you are running Greg's Buttons, the system font substitution feature in Aaron disables itself. If you want the Espi Sans Bold 10 font, you need to switch on the Substitute System Font feature in Greg's Buttons and select Espi Sans Bold 10 yourself. This is a feature, not a bug. Both Aaron and Greg's Buttons have the same font substitution code, but in addition Greg's Buttons gives you an interface to switch it on and off and select the font.

The menu colors in Greg's Buttons override those in Aaron. If you want to use Aaron's menu colors (as well as its color highlight), you must turn off menu colorization in Greg's Buttons.

The menus in Canvas become unreadable when Aaron is running.This is a long standing bug in Canvas that conflicts with substitute system fonts. To work around this problem, you can use Greg's Buttons to select a different substitute system font or turn off that feature entirely. If you use Greg's Buttons for this purpose only, you do not need to pay the shareware fee.

Menubar Indicators
If your monitor is set for 256 Colors, then the indicators for DiskLight, In Use, or AppleShare in your menu bar are drawn in yellow and do not show up well against the light gray background. This is a problem with the system's color inverse routines, and there is nothing we can do in Aaron. If it bothers you, you can install Greg's Buttons and change the menu colors.

Menu Colors
If you are using or have ever used another program to change your menu colors (such as Aurora or Kolor), then your menu color settings may override Aaron's. This can happen even if you have set your menus back to black and white since those utilities may have left a rogue color resource (specifying black and white as the colors) in your System file. Aurora 3.3 will remove this color resource if you tell it to de-install. Otherwise, to get rid of this, you can either remove all "mctb" resources from your System file with ResEdit or perform a fresh install.

CE Toolbox
Aaron must load after the CE Toolbox extension. That is why it is named ~Aaron.

FrameMaker may complain about a font error when starting up. This is due to FrameMaker's overzealous font checking. There really is no problem, and FrameMaker should continue to work normally. However, some people have reported that FrameMaker refuses to load in this case (while others are still able to use FrameMaker).

I am told that FrameMaker has trouble updating its windows with recent versions of Aaron. I am working on a fix.

Find Pro III
Find Pro III crashes when drawing its "Item not found" alert box. This is due to a bug in Find Pro III, and I have discussed it with the author.

PlainTalk (speech recognition) does not recognize button names in dialogs when Aaron is running. I am told that the latest version of PlainTalk no longer has this problem.

Now FolderMenus
Now FolderMenus draws a tiny extra arrow on the scroll bar arrows if its arrow drawing feature is enabled.

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