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Greg's Shareware

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The home page for Macintosh shareware by Greg Landweber.
From here, you can download and obtain information about:

Kaleidoscope 2.3.1 (with Arlo Rose)
The ultimate in interface customization. Now with enhanced menus!
Power Windows 2.4.5 Works with Classic apps under Mac OS X!
Live dragging, fading windows and menus, and now translucent menus!
SmoothType 2.3.1 Now with subpixel smoothing for LCD screens!
Brings Mac OS X style font smoothing to System 7 through Mac OS 9.2.
Greg's Browser 2.7 (Works with System 7 through Mac OS 9.2)
A compact file browser similar to the Mac OS X multi-column view.
Aaron Light 1.2.3 (Mac OS 8 / 8.1 only)
Makes Mac OS 8 look more like Mac OS 8.
Aaron 1.6.1 (with Ed Voas)
Gives your Macintosh the Mac OS 8 Platinum interface (for System 7).
BeView 1.1 (with Ed Voas)
Gives your Macintosh the Be OS interface.
Greg's Buttons 3.8 (System 7 only)
Customize your interface, changing buttons, system fonts, and colors.

These programs are shareware; they are not free. The versions available here are fully functional, and you are welcome to try them out for a couple of weeks free of charge. However, if you want to continue using them beyond that time, you must pay a small registration fee. Once you register, you will be sent instructions to remove the program's shareware reminder message.

Registrations for these programs are handled by Kagi, a payment processing service that handles fees for hundreds of different products. In addition to cash in various currencies and US dollar checks drawn on US banks, Kagi also accepts credit card registrations by mail, fax, or e-mail (your card number is scrambled). For organizations, they handle invoices and site licenses, too. For more information, run the Register program. It creates a customized registration form and tells you what to do with it. Register is included with each of these shareware programs, or you can download it here:

Download Register (68K)

Click here for information about my sister, Laura F. Landweber, and her molecular evolution lab at Princeton University.