The Adinkramat
Have you ever tried to understand off-shell supermultiplets and thought that it might be interesting to describe the component fields and supersymmetry actions in terms of diagrams? If so, you’re probably one of my research collaborators, Chuck Doran, Mike Faux, Jim Gates, Tristan Hübsch, or Kevin Iga. Adinkras are graphs which encapsulate representation of d=1, N-extended off-shell supersymmetry. Such representations are used in supersymmetric quantum mechanics, and they also arise  as the dimensional reductions of higher dimensional supersymmetric field theories.
The Adinkramat is a document-based multi-threaded Mac OS X application for exploring Adinkras, which automatically generates the standard Adinkras, lets you rearrange the vertices, and exports the results as PDF and Encapsulated PostScript.
Download Adinkramat 1.1 (November 14, 2006)
If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please e-mail Greg Landweber.
Here is the N=4 exterior Adinkra, which is based on a 4-dimensional hypercube, or tesseract:
Here is the N=32 irreducible Adinkra, which is related to supergravity and looks like a fractal: